Our Story

Remembering way back when

Since the beginning of time (well since just over decade ago when we started), we have been a trusted and respected pioneer, innovator, advocate and provider of premium hemp-based food products. Our founders, the Holmes family, were true trailblazers who spent years researching and learning from food and nutrition experts about the ideal plant-based Superfood, the whole food nutrition hemp seed. And from these humble and inconspicuous hemp seeds, we created Planet Hemp Superfood™!

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Our S.A.F.E. Program: Healthier Hemp, Healthier Lives, Healthier Planet

To produce what we believe to be the best possible product on earth, we started from the soil and worked our way up. Along with our hardworking Canadian farmers, we developed our own proprietary S.A.F.E. Soil Program (Sustainable Agronomics and Food Essentials) to naturally replenish the soil with nutrients and be mindful of what exactly goes into the earth.

Conventional agriculture is dependent on various GMOs, chemical fertilizer, herbicides and pesticides. This could lead to a loss of natural soil, fertility, declining nutritional quality of the crops, and even toxic residue build-up.  S.A.F.E. is proven to reduce weeds, soil compaction and salinity while increasing fertilizer efficiency and attracting more living organisms. The end result is a cleaner environment and a healthy, vigorous, and more natural tasting hemp crop.

We offer our S.A.F.E., Non-GMO grown as well as certified organic hemp-based products, both containing plant-based protein, the perfect 3:1 ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids, vitamins, minerals, fibre, and 11 essential amino acids. So that’s why we strongly, firmly and totally believe our Planet Hemp Superfood™ products are amongst the best if not the best in the world.



The easiest Superfood

Try our 100% Canadian grown Hemp Hearts, Super-Seeds, Organic Protein Smoothie Mixes and Organic Hemp Seed Oil and you’ll be blown away at just how delicious and natural tasting Planet Hemp Superfood™ products are. They perfectly complement all varieties of food -- sweet and savoury alike.  

There’s no need to soak, dry, twist or pestle-smoosh our products to enjoy them.  Just sprinkle, pour or blend in the goodness of Planet Hemp Superfood™ into all your meals.  It’s the easiest Superfood.

Check out our Hemp Kitchen for some inspo!


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Avocado ToastBeet Salad

Whole Plant Utilization

Our goal is for zero waste, simple as that.  We are constantly finding new ways to use the hemp plant so we can use the entire plant, from its seeds to the fibres as valuable resources to create products that will benefit the billions of good folks living here, and of course for the planet too.  We are so looking forward to this exciting journey ahead!


Zero Waste